Alexander The Movie: Truth or Fiction

Alexander The Movie: Truth or Fiction

-” In the battle at Gaugeamela, the Persian army are shown wearing dark clothes. In reality they were yellow and light purple.”
-“The chest wound that nearly cost Alexander his life during the Indian campaign took place inside a walled city in what is now Multan, Pakistan, not in a forest as depicted in “Alexander.”
– “Alexander and his troops defeat the Persian army in a single battle in the film, but Persian historian Farrokh points out that the real Alexander had to fight several fierce battles before he was able to defeat Darius III. Alexander had to fight major battles at Granicus, Alycarnassus, Issus , Tyre, Gaza and Guagamala, not to count innumerable other battles and sieges along the route between Turkey and Egypt, but in the film Gaugamela is basically meant to represent the entire campaign.”
– “Alexander first seizes greatness when he mounts and rides the wild stallion that became his warhorse, which is depicted correctly in the movie.”
-” The movie hints that Olympias may have killed Philip or had him killed and it is believed that Olympias probably did kill Philip or hire someone to kill him.”
– “The movie also implies that Alexander had sex with men and even though it is thought to be true there is no evidence that it actually is.”
– “As Alexander heads deeper into the Far East, he becomes more enamored with eastern culture, with an emphasis on uniting East and West. This is relatively accurate but as Alexander marched further east, he was more heavily influenced by Persian customs, arranging marriages between noble Persian women and his men. Alexander adopted Persian customs.”

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